25 Grammar english exercises with answers

 25 Grammar english exercises with answers

For questions 1 to 15, choose the option that correctly completes the sentences:

01.A: We’ve had _____ really bad weather lately. B: I know. The paper today brings _____ more bad news about that!

a) a - some

b) some - a

c) some – some

d) a – a

02.A: David, what a lovely _____ you’ve got there! B: I brought _____ from India last year.

a) furniture - it

b) slice of furniture - one

c) loaf of furniture - two

d) piece of furniture – some

03. In my opinion, the corset is _____ item in

women’s clothes. The platform trainers are _____.

a) the most uncomfortable - the ugliest

b) the fanciest - the most funnier

c) the more fashionable - oldest

d) the most unhealthy - the prettiests

04.I really can’t stand Jim’s _____. It’s so oldfashioned and weird.

a) black long wig

b) long fair wig

c) red long hair

d) spiky long hair

05.People in my city are driving _____ and _____ than ever.

a) slower - worse

b) more careless - faster

c) more quick - aggressively

d) better - more carefully

06.A: Reading a good book _____ more relaxing than watching TV. B: I agree.

You _____ to music too.

a) normally is - always can listen

b) is normally - can always listen

c) is generally - can listen usually

d) generally is - also can listen

07.“First, the long missed twins looked at _____ in surprise, and then they silently

started questioning _____ what had possibly happened to _____ thirty years ago.”

a) the other - them - themselves

b) themselves - each other - they

c) they - the other - themselves

d) each other - themselves - them

08. A ‘self-conceited’ person is someone _____ has an exaggerated sense of selfimportance; whereas, ‘self-confidence’ refers to the sense of confidence in _____ or one’s own abilities.

a) who - oneself

b) which - himself

c) that - them

d) whose - yourself

09. If you want to play poker, you _____ keep your best cards, you _____ tell others what cards you have, and you _____look at my cards.

a) have to - don’t have to - can’t to

b) must to - have to - can to

c) should - shouldn’t - mustn’t

d) don’t have to - must - shouldn’t to

10.A: My school _____ open a new sports center next year. The old country club _____ be the right place. B: It _____

be. They’re broke!

a) might - can - mustn’t

b) might - could to - can’t to

c) may - could - can’t

d) could to - may - shouldn’t

11.John showed a complete disregard _____ his own safety today. I’m surprised _____ that!

a) for - at

b) about - on

c) to - by

d) with - for


12. Dr. Smith is an authority _____ metacognition. We’re really anxious _____ talk to him.

a) about - for

b) on - to

c) in - for to

d) on - for

13. He isn’t eligible _____ the job because he isn’t Irish. That’s an exception _____ the rule.

a) for - to

b) to - for

c) for - on

d) to - about

14. Andrew’s shop_____ for sale for eleven months. Apparently, it_____ down soon.

a) is - closes

b) is being - is closing

c) has being - will close

d) has been - is going to close

15.A: Have you ever missed a flight? B: Oh, yes! _____ last year.

a) I’ve missed my flight back home

b) I’ve missed it once in Chile

c) I missed my first flight to the USA

d) I have missed my flight to London

For questions 16 to 20, choose the incorrect option:

16. “It was 7.00 o’clock, and Jack _____ in the restaurant waiting for Rose to arrive.

He was tired because he _____ all afternoon. He was very nervous too. It was hard to believe that he _____ her for ten years.”

a) was sitting - had been traveling - hadn’t seen

b) was siting - had traveled - wasn’t with

c) was - traveled - hadn’t been with

d) was - had traveled - hadn’t seen

17. If I have a headache, _____.

a) I don’t take anything

b) I’d take painkillers and rest

c) I look up ‘brain illnesses’ on Google

d) I’ll see a doctor as soon as possible

18. It’s always the same! If I _____to leave the office early, my boss _____ me to do something!

a) decide - asks

b) decide - will ask

c) decided - would ask

d) decide - is going to ask

19. It was a huge rock! If I _____, I _____ my leg or worse!

a) fell - would break

b) had fallen - could have broken

c) had fallen - would have broken

d) fall - would break

20._____ realized what would happen here, I _____ the job.

a) Had I - wouldn’t accept

b) Had I - wouldn’t have accepted

c) If I had - wouldn’t have accepted

d) If I - wouldn’t accept

For questions 21 to 25, choose the option which has the same meaning as the sentences in italics:

21. I’ve just had my car serviced.

a) Someone has just fixed my car

b) Someone has just sent my car to be fixed.

c) I’ve just fixed my car with someone’s help.

d) I myself have just fixed my car.

22. The children were told to leave school before the thunderstorm.

a) The children told their teachers to leave school earlier.

b) The children told their teachers that they’d leave school earlier.

c) The teachers told the children to leave school earlier.

d) The teachers were told to leave school earlier.

23. David broke down and wept when he heard the news.

a) David was very angry at the news and broke something.

b) David lost control of his emotions because of the news.

c) David stopped talking after he heard the news.

d) David announced the bad news.

24. I feel I ought to bring up another small matter from Switzerland.

a) I have to disagree about another detail from Switzerland.

b) I have to respond to another detail from Switzerland.

c) I have to support another detail from Switzerland.

d) I have to mention another detail from Switzerland.

25. Lucy has kindly agreed to stand in for

Gary at the monthly meeting.

a) Lucy has agreed to tolerate Gary’s presence at the meeting.

b) Lucy has agreed to take the place of Gary at the meeting.

c) Lucy has agreed to represent Gary at the meeting.

d) Lucy has agreed to defend Gary at the meeting




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