10 Grammar Exercises Multiple Choice

10 Grammar Exercises Multiple Choice

1 – Complete the dialogue using the correct adverbs:

- Hasn’t anyone caught the thief ____________?

- No, he hasn’t been caught ______. He will be caught ______

a) already; still; just now

b) yet; yet; soon

c) now; already; tomorrow

d) still; yet; immediately


2 – Complete with proper tense for the sentences below:

I) Francis ________________ home yesterday.(to leave)

II) I ________________ to Guarujá last week. (to go)

III) She ________________ that house a year ago.(to buy)

IV) Mark ________________ to you last month.(to write)

a) left, gone, bought, writed

b) left, went, bought, wrote

c) leave, went, bought, wrote

d) left, go, bought, wrote

3 – Complete with the correct pronoun.

What are _____ names?

I'm John and this is Susan.

a) mine

b) your

c) our

d) they

4 – Complete.

Where are you both from?

_____ are from Madrid.

a) We

b) They

c) Her

d) She

5 – Complete the sentence with the comparative/superlative of the adjective between parentheses:

She is ______ person I know. (happy)

a) More happy

b) The happier

c) The happiest

d) More happiest

6 – Complete sentence.

Sorry but I can't go _____ your plan. It's too risky.

a) down with

b) off with

c) out with

d) along with

7 – Complete the sentence with the verb in the passive voice:

My car _____ yesterday. (steal)

a) were steal

b) was stoled

c) was steal

d) was stolen

8 – Complete the sentence with the verb in the passive voice:

Lisbon _____ by an earthquake in 1755. (destroy)

a) was destroyed

b) were destroyed

c) destroyed

d) were destroy

9 – Complete

John arrived___ time___ dinner.

a) in – for

b) to – to

c) in – on

d) at - in

10 – Complete sentence

Andrew went ---- work ---- foot. His office is right ---- the centre ---- town.

a) by – at – on – of

b) to – on – by – of

c) to – at – in – by

d) to – on – in – of 

11 – Check the appropriate option that completes the following dialog:

_____do you go to the cinema?

Twice a month.

a) Where

b) How

c) How many

d) How often

10 Grammar Exercises Multiple Choice


1 B

2 B

3 B

4 A

5 C

6 D

7 D

8 A

9 A

10 D

11 D

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